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updated April 13, 2014
Welcome to
Welcome to our website. Please take a moment to get acquainted
with a most amazing breed of dog-our ONLY breed-toy and
miniature aussies.

We are Lani Morris and Pat Greer and we live on a farm outside of
Owensboro, KY with horses, cattle, cats and eleven toy and mini

We have been breeding toy and mini aussies for over six years and
have placed puppies with great owners in Canada, Mexico, Sweden,
Germany and Ireland and from coast to coast in the US.

Our dogs are members of our family. We never lose sight of what
they have done for us and in return, they are treated like royalty.
Yeah, you could say they are a little spoiled!

We are proud to be backyard breeders. Our dogs are raised in our
backyard, our kitchen, our laps and arms-not in kennels!

Puppies can't learn anything spending their first 8 weeks locked in

Morning and evening we take our dogs for long runs over the farm,
and they ALL go, including the puppies. Running with our adult dogs,
our puppies get the chance to learn, adapt, interact, and use their
brains and bodies.

They learn the concept of pottying away from where they sleep and
eat. They learn to follow, to come when they are called, and they see
humans as pack leaders who call the shots and keep them secure.
They learn the dynamics of life as part of a pack.

When our puppies leave us to join their new families, they transition
well into their new homes because of all the learning opportunities they
have had.

Our puppies learn to "Think outside the pen," and are better dogs for

Socialization is key in this breed. Whether you consider one of our
pups, or buy from another breeder, make certain your puppy has been
handled from Day One.

Most people who own dogs also own cats. (Does anybody really ever
own a cat?) Our puppies interact with our four cats who teach them
the ropes. They are fun to play with, but they must be treated with
respect. They have needles in their toes and sometimes short fuses!

Just about the time you
think you have the cat,
the next thing you know, the cat has YOU!
Respecting the personal space of
others is an important lesson;)
Our puppies are guaranteed to be cat friendly
and contrary to what this picture implies, no
puppy has ever been harmed by one of our cats!
AKC has recognized our breed. Our miniature and toy australian
shepherds had to be given a new name. That new name is the Miniature
American Shepherd.

Miniature American Shepherds are now being registered with AKC and
exhibited in the Miscellaneous Classes enroute to being a fully
recognized AKC breed.

There is a stringent registration process that a dog must go through to
qualify for registration with AKC as a mini american. Most of our dogs
can qualify and be registered as mini americans.

At this point, we have chosen to keep our dogs registered with ASDR as
toy and miniature australian shepherds, but if you are interested in
registering your puppy with AKC, we can give you the info.

Our Feline Staff
We have 4 cats who are our puppy wranglers.
I prefer to think of myself as
a muse...
"Enough is enough, small fry."
Hi Y'all! Come in and set a spell!
Totally adorable black tri mini
male, natural bob tail, tons of
bone and possesses great
personality and good sense.

Beautiful, typey puppy.

Rob is outgoing and fun.
Beautiful red merle toy/small
mini male with a cute blaze, big
white bib and tummy and his
eyes have both turned out sky
blue. A lot of substance and
very correct.

Travis is kind of serious and
very sweet.
Toy sized black tri male with a cute
stripe, white muzzle, white bib and
tummy and four white socks. He is
a little guy.

Pip has an exquisite head and
melting expression. Lots of bone on
this toy boy.

Pip is quiet and very sweet.
Sold and bound for Mesa, AZ.
These boy were born March 13 to Ch Hidalgo and
Ch Back To Black. They are exceptional puppies.
sale pending
Ohio bound
sale pending
Indiana bound
Kentucky boy