Herd About Miniature American Shepherds


Welcome. Whether you are shopping for your next best friend or looking just for fun, we hope
you enjoy meeting our toy and mini aussies-who now are known by the new name "Miniature
American Shepherds." Same breed, same dogs, just a different name since they have been
recognized by AKC.

By way of introduction, we are Lani Morris and Pat Greer and we live on a farm 25 miles
southeast of Owensboro, Kentucky.

We have been breeding toy and mini aussies since 2007 and have placed puppies with great
people from coast to coast in the US as well as in Sweden, Germany, Canada, Mexico and

Herd About toy aussies have earned conformation championships, rally and obedience titles,
competed successfully in agility, and have careers as assistance and therapy dogs.

While we have a blast showing our dogs and enjoy their success, we never lose sight of our
primary goal: raising puppies who grow up to become superb pets and family members who
enhance the lives of their people.

Characteristics of the Breed
black tri
red merle
red tri
blue merle
They come in four basic colors: black tri, red tri, red merle and blue merle. They can have copper
highlights on their faces, legs and chest, or they may not. (If not, they are bi-colored rather than tri.)
They can have white markings, or may not. According to the standard, they should have color over
both ears and both eyes, with no splashes of white on their bodies more than two inches above
where their legs meet their bodies. Once in a while there will be a mismarked puppy, which will make
it ineligible to show-but it will still make a great pet!

Their eyes are incredible! They can have blue eyes, brown eyes, amber, hazel, gold, green-and any
combination thereof. Their eyes are perhaps their most stunning feature.

It's so much fun having puppies-like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, you never know what you're
gonna get.

(Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds)
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We do not raise our dogs in a kennel situation. Our litters are born in our home and spend
their first several weeks there, exposed to the noise, smells and touch of people. Our
puppies are handled several times a day, snuggled endlessly, and they learn to use a
paper lined litter pan starting at three weeks of age.

When they are four weeks old, they move outside to our climate controlled building. Face
it, four week old puppies can be pretty smelly as they have started eating dog food by
that time and Mom just can't keep up with the cleaning. At four weeks they go out to the
building where they have access to an outdoor play/potty area. They sleep and play
inside, and can go right outside when they need to potty. It's a great method of teaching
them about housebreaking.

Our puppies interact with our adult dogs and also with our extremely patient cat, and
they learn a lot here in their final four to six weeks before they come home.

This breed was developed as a sheep and cattle herding breed and they retain
those characteristics that make them excellent herders and guardians. They are
active dogs, particularly as puppies, and they need a lot of exercise.

While they are excellent with children, they will chase running, screaming,
giggling kids-in their minds, they are herding them. For that reason, people with
children will need to supervise their children to make certain that the puppy has
plenty of quiet time and does not stay in a constant state of excitement. Letting
your kids keep a puppy in a frenzy is a recipe for disaster-the puppy will most
certainly start nipping heels.

If you have kids, get them under control before you buy a herding breed! If you
don't, the puppy will try to and it won't be pretty:)

Plan on taking your puppy to kindergarten or some kind of obedience training. You
will get a headstart on raising a wonderful dog.

These dogs are great little travelers, they can adapt to almost any living situation,
and once they are grown they are wonderful family pets. Educate yourself before
your puppy comes home about crate training, house training, being the alpha in
the relationship, and the absolute necessity of providing exercise and quiet time
for the puppy, in order for him to grow into a balanced dog.

A fenced yard is an absolute must. No exceptions.

Please join us for our River
Valley Cluster, Aug. 25-29.
5 AKC shows in 5 days.
Sanctioned B Match.
Beautiful location & hotels.
Huge raffle of great items!
Mini American trophies!
Owensboro, KY on the
riverfront. GORGEOUS!!
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"I'm Available!"