(toy and miniature australian shepherds)
We are Pat Greer and Lani Morris and we live on a farm in Whitesville, KY. We are located 25
miles SE of Owensboro, KY. We are an easy 2 hour drive from Louisville and 2 1/2 hours from

We started breeding toy and miniature australian shepherds ten years ago.

We were lucky enough to start with some incredible quality toys who have served as our
foundation dogs.

They are genetically sound, beautiful little dogs with excellent temperaments. Herd About
Toy Aussies are champion show dogs, agility title holders, Rally title holders, medical alert
dogs, service dogs, family dogs, and best friends to people all over the United States and in
many other countries.

When our breed gained recognition with AKC(and got the new name of Miniature American
Shepherd) we purchased two lovely minis from Mockingbird Hill in Missouri to cross with our
top-notch toys in order to develop our line of mini americans.

We operate under the Golden Rule. We treat our customers like we want to be treated-fairly
and professionally with kindness, honesty and integrity.

Our dogs are a huge part of our lives. They are raised using a sensible approach and huge
amounts of love. Our puppies go to their new homes healthy in mind and body because they
have been socialized every day of their lives with people and other dogs. Their medical
needs are attended to and they are genetically sound because we test our dogs before they
ever enter our breeding program.

For that reason, we have many repeat customers who have bought several dogs from us.
They got healthy, trainable puppies and were treated with honesty and respect.

Proud Member MASCUSA
Proud Member
Owensboro River City Kennel Club
Updated July 22, 2016
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