Herd About Toy & Mini Aussies

updated April 3, 2015

Miniature American Shepherds
Welcome. Whether you are shopping for your next best friend or looking just for fun, we hope
you enjoy meeting our toy and mini aussies-who now are known by the new name "Miniature
American Shepherds." Same breed, same dogs, just a different name since they have been
recognized by AKC.

By way of introduction, we are Lani Morris and Pat Greer and we live on a farm 25 miles
southeast of Owensboro, Kentucky.

We have been breeding toy and mini aussies since 2007 and have placed puppies with great
people from coast to coast in the US as well as in Sweden, Germany, Canada, Mexico and

Herd About toy aussies have earned conformation championships, rally and obedience titles,
competed successfully in agility, and have careers as assistance and therapy dogs.

While we have a blast showing our dogs and enjoy their success, we never lose sight of our
primary goal: raising puppies who grow up to become superb pets and family members who
enhance the lives of their people.

Despite the name, the Australian Shepherd is a distinctly American breed. In the late 1800's ranchers in the
American West were importing sheep from Australia. The best sheep came to Australia from the Basque region
of Spain. Eventually they ended up in America, along with the Basque sheep herders and their herding dogs. The
"little blue dogs" brought to America by the Basque shepherds were interbred with American herding dogs and
the result was the Australian Shepherd. This nutshell version of the history of the Australian Shepherd just
scratches the surface of the fascinating story of how this breed came to be.

In the late 60's a core group of people set about breeding small Australian Shepherds. They had a vision of
producing Aussies inder 17" that possessed the heart, intelligence and drive to work stock, and yet were small
enough to travel easily and be house dogs.

Through the stewardship of a dedicated group of breeders, Miniature Australian Shepherds through the years
have continued to thrive and grow in popularity as show dogs, farm and ranch dogs, agility and obedience dogs
and family pets.

The breed was given a new, more accurate name as voted on by the membership of the parent club MASCUSA-
The Miniature American Shepherd-and in 2011 was accepted by AKC as a miscellaneous breed enroute to full
recognition. In July, 2015, the breed will gain full recognition by AKC.

The quality in this breed is exceptional and you can expect that Mini Americans will be winning at the highest
levels of dogsport in all pursuits.

History of The Miniature American Shepherd
Characteristics of the Breed
As a potential owner of a toy/mini aussie/mini american, you need to know what to expect from the breed. While
we do not use our dogs to herd livestock, they retain those instincts and buyers tell us their dogs "herd" them,
their kids, and other dogs. They have a high level of intelligence. They are naturally cautious with strangers and
for this reason they require a lot of socialization from puppyhood on.

They also require plenty of exercise, interaction, and mental stimulation. While they are highly adaptable to
almost any living situation, their bodies do need exercise in order for their minds to be calm and content. An
exercised dog is more balanced mentally. This breed is no different. We believe walks with our dogs keep them
happy and calm.

We recommend that you take your puppy through puppy kindergarten and obedience. This will keep your puppy's
mind stimulated and will build a basis of communication with you as the leader. Establishing yourself as a
trustworthy, fair leader is important with these dogs who possess big personalities. If you fail to lead them, they
will lead you.

These dogs want to be with their owners! They can develop separation anxiety. You will want to learn about
crate training as a means of not only potty training your puppy, but also as a way of protecting your puppy from
the potential mischief he can get into if he is left unrestrained in your home. You will also want to learn about
rewarding calm behavior and not reinforcing anxious behavior in your puppy.

If you can provide adequate exercise, are willing to teach and learn new things by attending obedience classes
with your puppy, and will step up to assume the leadership role in the relationship, this is a most gratifying breed
to live with. We have placed our dogs with people in a variety of living situations-in cities, in the country, as
travelling companions, they can adjust beautifully if they are given adequate exercise, attention and training.

Not only are they gorgeous, they are brilliant, funny, loving, loyal and brave. They will start conversations
everywhere you take them as few people can resist them.

These dogs offer something for everyone's tastes-with their wide array of colors, gorgeous eyes, and variety of
sizes-10" up to 18", 7 pounds up to 30 pounds-there is no doubt a toy/mini who will be perfect for you.
black tri
red merle
red tri
blue merle
They come in four basic colors: black tri, red tri, red merle and blue merle. They can have copper
highlights on their faces, legs and chest, or they may not. They can have white markings, or may
not. According to the standard, they should have color over both ears and both eyes, with no
splashes of white on their bodies more than two inches above where their legs meet their bodies.
Once in a while there will be a mismarked puppy, which will make it ineligible to show-but it will still
make a great pet!

Their eyes are incredible! They can have blue eyes, brown eyes, amber, hazel, gold, green-and any
combination thereof. Their eyes are perhaps their most stunning feature.

It's so much fun having puppies-like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, you never know what you're
gonna get.

We are definitely backyard breeders. Our dogs are raised in our back yard, our home, our laps
and our arms, not kennels. We want our dogs to be happy.

We aren't doing this to make a living. We don't have litters arriving every week or two. We
average four litters a year. You may have to wait a while for a Herd About puppy. Other
breeders sell more dogs than we do, but that's okay. Puppies are not impulse items. We want
homes for our puppies that will last their lifetimes with owners who do their homework and are
in it for the long haul.

We consistently get reports from our puppy owners that our puppies fit seamlessly into their
lives. We feel it is because of our philosophy of owning dogs and the regimen we have

Our dogs go for long runs every day over the farm. We travel as a pack! Everybody goes, from
the puppies to the old dogs. Our dogs have the freedom to roll in the grass, hunt birds, moles
and rabbits, swim in the creek and stretch their legs racing each other through the fields.

When we get back from our morning walks, our dogs are pleasantly tired and happy to spend
their days together in their indoor/outdoor paddocks. Plenty of exercise keeps their bodies
strong and their minds calm.

At night, each dogs has his or her own "condo" in our heated/air conditioned building where
they eat, sleep,and have individual down time. We go through a blue million bully sticks and
knee caps as this is their "chew time."

Our dogs build their socialization skills by living in a pack situation. They are also cat friendly as
we have cats "on staff" who teach puppies the finer points about living with felines.

It is a time intensive way of owning dogs. We spend hands-on hours every day with them.
Every dog we own is handled, groomed, inspected (and cuddled) each and every day. We keep
our numbers down so that we can give that level of attention to every dog we own.
Lark is available
Inquiries invited for our Spring, 2015 litter. Shadow/Hidalgo. Litter arrived April 15. Pics on For Sale page.
She fooled us! She does not
appear to be bred after all.
Her puppies arrived on
April 15. Blue girl, boy,
black girl, boy.